A Brief Third Person Review of the New Nintendo Switch
By: Miteshkumar Ahir

Nintendo Wii U alongside Switch On March 3rd, 2017, Nintendo officially released their new gaming console in America. This new console is known as the Nintendo Switch. It's an upgrade from their previous Wii U model, as it capitalizes on the theory of having a portable at home console. Even though the Wii U, came with a touchscreen game pad with a 6.2 inch display screen in which the user can remotely play the game anywhere in the house. However, the range of this device is limited to around 30 feet from the main console. Therefore, even though the Wii U gamepad gives a portable gaming experience to the user, there are still many flaws that prevent it from being an all in one portable gaming console. Such limitations include the short range that the gamepad must be from the Wii U to operate, plays games only installed in the Wii U, and does not feel like an on the go device as the object is very bulky (1.1 pounds) to move around. While interviewing some students on campus who have used a Wii U or own one, it was noted that there was a general negative view towards the Wii U gamepad and how the device felt cheap and very bulky. One student aptly described the gamepad as being a large disgusting piece of plastic that could break easily.

In order to address these issues, Nintendo released the Switch as a way to improve on these limitations and capitalize on a market that is not focused on portable home entertainment systems. By having a console that a consumer can keep at home, but then carry it along during the day is an interesting idea that no other company is focusing on. Both Sony and Microsoft are focused more on their own at home systems but do not offer any forms or portability within the same device, but require purchasing other devices to accommodate users who usually play on the go. Thus by having an all-in-one system that is capable of playing console level games on any television set, and then be transformed into a portable version is highly unique way to become immersed into the video game.

Nintendo Switch Unlike it's predecessor (Wii U), the Switch offers a lighter weight portable gaming console with a higher resolution gaming experience. This vastly different than the Wii U gamepad, as the pad was based on the situated Wii U console. The Switch's console is portable entirely and only needs to be placed onto a dock when you would like to play on the TV. Since the console component is entirely portable, the range is not limited to where the user may take his/her device. Another interesting component to Switch, would be that it comes with two Joy-Con ™ Controllers that can be utilized for multiplayer gameplay on-the-go. The resolution of the Switch (1280x720) is comparatively much higher than the Wii U's gamepad at 16:9 aspect ratio. As shown, the Nintendo Switch has made great improvements in their portable gaming experience, and have begun to offer unique products in the video game market that is quite different than their competitors.

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