CSE 334 Project Propoal

Title: "Moonlight Summer"

An 2D animation of a young girl sitting on a tree facing a lake at night. The moon will be in the
sky shining down on the like the reflection is shown on the water. The reflection will produce a
wave motion. There will be a slight breeze going by the tree. As the animation is ending it a
meteor shower will appear in the sky.

Sound effects will be used to add emotion to the scene. I would like to use sounds of crickets and
wind as well as some light japanese music.

To use graphics, video, animation and sound to create a relaxing and scene animation. Japanese
music will be used and many graphics will be used to create the animation.

It's anticipated that the audience for this piece would be undergraduate students preferable those
who like to watch anime.

Fragile Dreams: Japanese Game Trailer ­
Fragile Dreams: English Game Trailer
Garden of Words (animation)