Photoshop Tools Applied

On this first image, I used certain tools such as the spot healing brush and clone stamp in order to remove watermarks from her face and shirt.

In addition to giving the image more vibrant colors, I also cropped and resized the image.







On this second image, I used the spot healing brush to remove debris from the picture. I also used several layers to apply color to the indviduals, clothing, and background.

I also cropped the image and removed the original border.









On this third image, I used the same tools as before (spot healing and clone stamp). I used these tools to remove the shadows on the wall and floor.

I also resized the image and used the burn tool to give the dress and crown more vibrancy.













Side Profile



side profile of mom


This is a photo of my mother. My mother does not have many photos, and this image is one of the very few. This picture was taken by one of her close sisters.


completing her communion


This is a photo of my aunt's communion. During that time, pictures were only taken for special occasions, this being one of them. This picture is very important to her because it is one of the very few pictures that she has from her childhood.


halloween costume


There were very few instances where we dressed up for halloween, and this image displays one of them. I was extremely happy that my mother let me dress up that day.










This image was the second most challenging picture out of all three. Trying to clear up her face and hands as much as possible without damaging the image was difficult. If I had more time, one thing that I would definitely do is clear up the watermarks a little bit more and giving her face a little more color.





This second image was the most challenging because I had to give color to an image that was originally black and white. Also, figuring out what colors to relay to the image was difficult. If I had more time, I would add more detail and color to the statue in the background.








This third image was the least challenging, but I had to make adjustments. Giving more color to the rug was difficult.

If I had more time, I would make the shoes stand out a bit more and adjust the shadow on the right leg.