Overwatch is a fast paced action packed multi platform game from a studio by the name of Blizzard. Blizzard has had a very successful track record, producing multiple series of games that continue evolve. With a community that is constantly growing and anticipating what's coming next from the gaming giant, it was easy to see that Overwatch was going to be something huge. With the initial teaser trailer releasing it had a striking resemblance to another game that's already been out for almost ten years, that game being Team Fortress 2. When approached regarding these comparisons the makers of Overwatch took it as “an enormous compliment.” Praising Team Fortress as a masterpiece and one of their favorite games, so it’s easy to see where the inspirations came from.


With that being said I doubt there were many people who actually had a problem with this. My purpose of this article isn’t to target the similarities and differences of Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 rather than to express how I feel about the Overwatch experience. The game is insanely easy to pick up and there isn’t the learning curve like many other Blizzard games such as World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and so on. It’s pace is so quick, easily serving as one of the game's strengths. From out the gates you’re instantly put into action, with the maps being so tight nit and having specific objectives there’s zero shortage of insanity. I found myself continually saying “one more game” as nights turned into early mornings with my friends. The game times are a perfect length where you’re not devoting an hour to just one match like other game such as league of legends. It also didn’t help that the release of the game fell right around my graduation where at the time I had just purchased a new laptop that could run the game at max settings. On the topic of max settings, the game is beautiful and the art style is quite unique giving off this cartoonish aesthetic which is very pleasing to the eyes.


Although these max settings can be achieved on the PC platform and the PC platform alone, another one of Overwatch many strengths in the ability to play the game on multiple gaming systems. Having Overwatch being available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One shows that they really wanted anyone to have the ability to play one way or the other. With that many systems having the ability to run the game it leaves one to question, how much money has this game actually made? Just last month the game surpassed 25 million active users, which is an absurd number for a game that hasn’t even been out for a full year. Upon initial launch the game brought in $269 million, one could only imagine how much the game has brought in up to date with micro transactions becoming more prevalent in the game with skins constantly being pumped out. Pumped out to a pool of characters that’s expanding with content that is given to the players with no extra charge. DLC or downloadable content is huge regarding a game’s marketing plan, no aways it’s almost ridiculous how much of this content costs and it’s almost like you don’t own the full game when paying for that initial sticker price. That’s where Overwatch is a breath of fresh air and each time there is a new character to play or a new map available anyone who has paid for the game can access this content with no extra charge.


Another aspect of the game that’s going to keep the player base playing for quite some time is the competitive mode of the game. There is something about ranking gameplay that makes this game exciting and the teamwork components of the game really come to life. Who knows if this aspect of the game is going to take off like the other games such as Counter Strike, Dota, and League of Legends with the absurd prize money pool as an reward. It’s unsure exactly what these next steps are going to be, but there seems to be a huge upside and the sky's the limit for Blizzard and the Overwatch team. Fan of the game and would definitely recommend it to any of my peers.

Price $40
Platforms Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC
Publisher Blizzard Games