My Favorite Movie

Studio Ghibli is my favorite film studio and most of my favorite movies are produced by them. I am a fan of most, if not all, of the films that they produce. These are a couple of their works and a summary of the plot:

Title Summary Image
Spirited Away Chihiro, a 10 year old girl, is traveling with her parents to their new home, and her dad takes a wrong turn that brings them to a tunnel in a forest that leads to a festival with no people. Chihiro's parents eat the food left on a stand and turn into pigs. She finds a large bathhouse where she gets a job so she can rescue her parents. Spirited Away
The Cat Returns Haru is a shy high school girl. One day she saves a cat from an oncoming truck. The cat turns out to be the price of the Cat Kingdom; and as thanks, the cats shower Haru with catnip, mice, and catgrass. She is also offered the prince's hand in marriage, and when the cats took her reply as yes, she seeks the help of the Baron, a cat figure come to life. The Cat Returns
NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind An apocalyptic war destroys human civilization and causes the Toxic Jungle, a forest filled with mutant insects and poisonious plants, to grow. Various villages exist outside of the Toxic Jungle. Nausicaa, the princess of the Valley of the Wind, befriends the Jungle and tries to find a cure for both humans and the world. Nausicaa
Howl's Moving Castle Sophie is a hatmaker who encounters the powerful wizard Howl on her way to meet her younger sister. The Witch of the Waste, who romantically pursues Howl, comes to the hat shop and turns her into a 90 year old woman. She goes through the Wastes and ends up working as Howl's cleaning lady for his moving castle. Howl's Moving Castle
Kiki's Delivery Service Kiki, a thirteen year old girl, leaves home with her black cat Jiji to train as a witch. She flies to a city and accepts a job from a bakery owner to make deliveries using her broomstick. Kiki's Delivery Service

Out of all of these movies, my most favorite movie is


Nausicaa Relaxing Spores

This movie was an amazing masterpiece drawn completely by hand. The art style is unique to Studio Ghibli. The scenes have a lot of details and really bring out the mood. Buy me

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