Bob the Builder is a General Contractor and head of his own construction yard based in Bobsville and later in Sunflower Valley and now in Fixham Harbour. Bob is from a family of builders - his father Robert is also a builder and so was his Grandfather Billy.

Bob is a very passionate man who always shows determination to get the job done and to encourage everyone else. He is also a fun-loving person in general and very smart. During a crisis/problem he isn't one to lose focus and often comes up with ideas on how to fix things.

He acts as a parental figure to his machine team and makes sure to keep them in line. While he is honest about things, like feelings or when someone messes up. Bob isn't at all mean or strict. He doesn't get upset when someone makes an accident, but he will be sure to tell them where they messed up.


Wendy is the deuteragonist and Bob's business partner who runs the office and keeps the business in order, and often organizes tools and equipment. She is also seen doing construction work in many episodes.

Wendy is a very good worker, as noted by Bob. She handles a lot of other work while Bob handles building. She has shown to excel in craft-based jobs, such as putting up wallpaper or designing things.

She is also very kind and often concerned over Pilchard, as shown multiple times during the series. Wendy can also be sometimes stubborn when it comes to doing things herself. She'll claim she can handle doing the work, despite how badly it may be going until she finally realizes she needs help and can't do everything by herself.


Scoop is a backhoe digger and the leader of the machines. He was the first machine that Bob got.

He was Bob's first machine as shown in When Bob Became a Builder when Bob was picking out a backhoe behind a chain-link fence. Scoop was the one for Bob to pick out when kept following just to get his attention. He is shown to be faster than Travis as shown in Travis And Scoop's Race Day when Spud challenged them to race after he and Spud were teasing the can-do crew.

Scoop is one of the most mature machines and is a good leader. Scoop's personality is notebably similar to Bob's in many ways. Scoop also looks up to Bob. He even occasionally asks "Can we fix it?".


Muck is a dump truck with an additional bulldozer blade and tracks. Muck often acts before thinking and subsequently gets in trouble for it.

Muck is friendly and loves to be dirty. He does not like taking baths that much but takes them when he feels like it, or when he knows it is important. Muck is afraid of the dark, but he learns to be calm. Muck is also kindhearted, and he is sometimes naughty, but he learns his lesson in the end.

Muck is a red dump truck with an additional bulldozer blade, tracks, a shape-shifting mouth and two eyes that can spin 360 degrees.


Dizzy is an orange concrete mixer. Dizzy is portrayed as one of the youngest in the yard. She is eager, curious, and easily excitable.

She's energetic, curious, and cheerful, like Roley she seems to enjoy music but only listens to music. She has the ability to stand on her rear tires similar to how dogs can stand on their hind legs. She does have a soft spot for friends and she is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Dizzy is small, orange concrete mixer. She has a orange mouth and big, round eyes, and little tires, in which she claps when she's happy. She also has a black strip on her mixer.


Roley is a road roller who loves to make up songs and frequently spins his eyes when he is excited.

Roley is a cheerful machine who can get excited and loves to "rock and roll". He's shown to be very musical and usually making up songs and singing them even at work. He spins his eyes when he's excited.

Roley is a green road roller with a small, silver bell-shaped mouth, small eyes and warning light.


Lofty is a crane. He is also merely scared always thinking he can't do it when he can, Lofty lacks of confidence.

Lofty is timid, shy, and nervous. He is shown to have a rivalry with Spud. He also tends to studder. But he is kindhearted and friendly. He is probably the strongest among the Pack as he is a crane. Lofty often forgets how strong he is. He never causes trouble but does make some mistakes. He takes his work both seriously and relaxingly.

Lofty is a royal blue mobile crane and has a sky blue human-like mouth.