🍀Hobbies + Interests🍀

When I'm not in class here are some ways that I spend my time:

  1. The Statesman 📰
  2. As an Assistant News Editor at the Stony Brook campus newspaper The Statesman, I spend a lot of time at our office in the Union. I write stories, assist writers, design layout, pitch story ideas, etc.

  3. Photography 📷
  4. I love photogrpahy. I take photos for my own personal enjoyment and for publication at The Statesman. I just got a new lens so I am excited to test it out! Photos concerning people really interest me because it is fun to try to capture as much about a person as you can in a single photo.

  5. Movies 🎬
  6. Watching movies is definitely my #1 procrastincation tool. Don't ask me what my favorite movie is becuase I couldn't tell you. At this point, I've seen so many I don't think I could narrow it down.

  7. Sleeping 💤 + Eating 🍕
  8. Need I say more?

Author: Michaela Kilgallen