Vive Changes Reality

By Max Obydennov

What Does the HTC Vive Do?

HTC VIVEThe HTC Vive is the newest technology that takes you into the virtual world. This pricey device sells for $799 but brings bang for its buck. It comes with a headset, two controllers, and two motion centers. The user sets up the motion tracking devices, puts on the headset and controllers, and is now ready to begin the virtual experience. Whether it is a drawing game, sports game, medical simulation, or even just a virtual environment, the headset puts the user into the virtual world and the motion centers along with the controllers allow you to navigate and interact in this newly discovered experience.

Benefits and Selling Points

HTC VIVEThe HTC Vive is very expensive for the average household but its design and ability to take you into the virtual world is worth the price. Virtual reality was always something that people dreamed to have but just several years ago, it was out of sight. Now, this new product lets dreams come true and put people into worlds they could only dream of. You literally put on headgear and you see nothing but a new environment that was created for your entertainment. The biggest reason the HTC Vive is revolutionary is because of the endless possibility it brings. You can have people design medieval cities, underwater Utopias, cities in space, and anything else your heart desires and you can literally be in the environment with this virtual reality product. And the coolest part is, not only can you be in that environment, but you can also interact with it using the controllers and motion sensing.

VR Compatibilty
HTC VIVE PS VR Oculus Rift Gear VR Google Cardboard
PC / Steam Playstation 4 PC / Steam Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
VR Headset Price Comparisons
HTC VIVE PS VR Oculus Rift Gear VR Google Cardboard
$599 $399 $350 $99 $15

Potential market

The HTC Vive can be sold in literally every market. This device will mainly be huge in the game industry. Many developers and game companies are already developing for the new era of virtual reality games. Possibilities are endless since you can put a person in any scenario that you imagine and gamers love this new ability to be inside the game. Virtual reality games still have a long way to go to reach full potential but this also excites many people. The HTC Vive virtual reality doesn’t have to be used just for games, it can create a great learning tools. You can create medical simulations or war simulations and practice without any risk of people getting hurt. This allows this device to be used by the medical field, police force and other organizations that require hands on training.

Ethic Issues

HTC VIVEHTC Vive may bring virtual reality games to your door, but this can cause many problems. If people start developing violent games, people can literally swing their arms or fire a weapon and because of virtual reality, they are technically doing it themselves in this virtual environment which can lead to violence in the real word. From a combat standpoint, virtual reality can be used to copy a battlefield and have troops practice routes and battle strategies. This may be good against the war on terror but what if enemies get the capability to use this device to plan attacks on us. Also, with this new virtual experience, more explicit and sexual content can be provided on this device which puts you into the scene and kids at risk.


Author: Max Obydennov