Target Audience: Medicare Beneficiaries

Estimated Time Frame: One day. Two to four hours.

Subject Area: Medicare and You: A Beneficiaries Guide to Understanding Recent Medicare Changes.

Teaching Objective: At the end of this training seminar, the participant will:

-Know the difference between Medicare Parts A & B.

-Understand the entitlements for which the beneficiary and/or spouse are eligible.

-Understand his/her rights and responsibilities and where to locate the available resources to answer additional questions.

Topics to be covered:

I. What is Medicare?

II. Who is Eligible for Medicare?

III. What is Medicare Part A & B?

IV. How do I enroll in Medicare Part A & B?

V. Your Medicare Benefits.

Necessary Student Preparation: It is the presumption of the instructor that most of the participants registered for this Medicare training, will have had some exposure to the Medicare system, however this experience will not be considered a prerequisite of the program.

Activities Involved: Because of the complex and often confusing nature of the content of the program, a general? "Questions and Answers" segment will be incorporated into the session. Other training tools that will be utilized in this program include videos, which will depict
common scenarios that a Medicare beneficiaries may encounter.

Evaluation System: Because this program is primarily an information session, no conclusive evaluation system has been developed, at this time, to determine whether the program content will be adequately received by all participants. The "Question and Answer" session will give the instructor an idea of the areas and/or concepts that appear to be the most difficult to understand. A questionnaire will be distributed at the end of the session. The information collected will be used to determine if there are still areas within the program that may need further refinement and/or clarification.

Follow-up: Each participant of the seminar will be given the instructor's business card along with the names and phone numbers of contacts in his/her community.

The following links will serve as backup for this program:

The Health Care Financing Administration

The Official Medicare Site

Medicare: The Basics