My Interests

Manga Manga 2

Art is one of my main interests. I like to draw a variety of things in a range of styles. A lot of things inspire me.

Here is some of my art.

Anime Style

Anime is one of my favorite styles. It's fun, colorful, and interesting. Also, one of the things that inspire me artistically are anime.

Haise Drawing

This drawing is more of a "cute" style called "Chibi" style. It's a lot of fun to draw when I don't want to draw something serious. I used watercolor and pen. I used a reference for the position of the character, the character himself is from Tokyo Ghoul: Re manga.

Mirror Drawing

This drawing isn't one of my best but I like it because it's metaphorical, representing the character's psychological conflict. (It's actually a drawing of the same character I drew above.) I used pen to ink this, I haven't finished it yet. This is original as well.

Goten Drawing
This drawing was of when I tried to do digital art in Photoshop. My free trial ran out before I finished the drawing.. I don't think it's bad for my first try at Photoshop, though.


I also try to do realistic style sometimes. It's not as much fun, but surprisingly, the more you draw in realistic style, the better you understand other styles like anime.

In this series of realistic drawings, my inspiration is Pakistani weddings. I love how bright and colorful they are, and that color inspires me. I also like the cultural dresses.

This piece was done in graphite and colored pencil. The reason I chose to make the bangles color and the rest black and white is because I wanted to emphasize the color that inspired me.
This piece was done in graphite. It was inspired by my cousin's wedding when we dressed the youngest kid in this outfit. It was an interesting tradition to me, so I drew it.