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Greetings, weary traveller! You've reached my homestead on the Web (well, one of them, anyway; my "official" faculty Web page is available from http://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/~tashbook).

About Your Host

I teach Computer Science at Stony Brook University, in Stony Brook, New York. I mostly teach introductory programming (Python, Processing, Java) and Web design courses, but I also occasionally teach upper-level classes like our course on social, legal, and ethical issues relating to technology.

These days, I spend all of my time teaching, but I'm hoping to get back into research in the near future. My primary research interest is computer science education, although I also try to follow topics like forensic software engineering (dissecting the causes of software failures), networking, biologically-inspired computing, and computer security and privacy.

I don't have a lot of free time these days, but when I do, I try to spend it engaging in one of the activities listed on my page of interests.

You can also view my (abbreviated) resume.

Author: Michael Tashbook