Welcome to Technology and Society at Stony Brook

  1. What is the purpose for your project?
  2. The purpose of my project is to provide students with a Blackboard course that can be used as a resource and a reference point. The Blackboard course will include documents such as a syllabus, staff information and office hours, a class web page, a web quest, weekly modules that will outline the content that will be discussed in class, course assignments, and World Wide Web references. The course will be designed to help students understand what I expect from them to complete the class and supply them with additional resources to help them finish their assignments and safely "surf" the web. The course will meet 2 times a week for a total of 4 weeks and will be face-to-face only.

  3. Who is the audience that you are designing for?
  4. The audience that Iím designing for is a group of incoming SUNY Stony Brook freshman that will be attending a STEP summer program.


  5. What concept or curriculum needs will your project address?

The goal of the STEP summer program is to expose incoming freshman to the technological resources available to them at Stony Brook and to give them some computer background (e-mail, SUNY server, SUNY Library, FTP, world wide web, simple web page design) before they enter school in the fall.

Blackboard is a resource used as a teaching tool by many faculty at Stony Brook and I believe posting course information within this Blackboard course helps me meet the programís goal of exposing students to some of the technological tools used at Stony Brook.

4. What are your learning objectives for your students? (list 3)

    1. Exposure to and an understanding of some of the technological tools used at Stony Brook. For example how to upload and download files to Sparky, how to access your school e-mail account, how to log onto Blackboard, how to access and use the internet as an educational resource.
    2. Exposure to and an understanding of the SUNY Library web page. How to access the library data bases, access the interlibrary loan system and how to retrieve data from their web site.
    3. The students will create a simple web page with one animated graphic, text and e-mail, using Dreamweaver. The students will upload their page to the SUNY server.


  1. What resources will you have available to your students?
  2. The students will use campus computers to access Blackboard, Sparky, and SUNY web sites. The Dreamweaver application will also be used to assist them in their web page design.


  3. What types of learning activities will you develop?
  4. a). A web quest that will ask students to find research articles that are related to a technology and society issue. The web quest will send them to the Stony Brook Library web site and to other educational web sites to find the relevant information. They will be asked to print the articles and provide a one page summary reflecting on the contents of the information they found.

    b). To create a web page that contains one animated graphic, text and e-mail address and upload it to the SUNY server. The students will demonstrate to the class their projects and will reflect on why they choose the design layout and graphics.


  5. How will you assess student learning?

a). Students will be assessed on their ability to sign on and navigate the blackboard course and open an read their e-mail.

b). Students will be assessed on their ability to access and retrieve data from the SUNY Library web.

d). Students will be assessed on their ability to complete the web quest assignment and on the quality of the written assignment.

c). Students will be assessed on their ability to create a web page and upload it to Sparky.