What role does technology play in our Society?

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The Task

Welcome.   Your task is to examine the role technology plays in our society.  Consider the issues listed above or decide on your own technology and society topic. (Your topic must be approved by the instructor before you precede with your study).  

          RESEARCH          Read



Listed below you will find web sites that contain articles or research information on the Technology and Society topics that you will be studying and writing about.

Washington Post Online  

SUNY Stony Brook Library  

Google Search Engine

New York Times


The Process





Your  summary should be well written.  It should show me that you understood the main points of the articles that you read.  It must be word processed and be one page, double spaced.



Technology is ever changing.  As students of the new millennium, it is our job to examine and perhaps resolve the conflicts that surround the technological advances and future potential of technology that exists in our world today.  It's our job to reflect upon the impact it has on the all the citizens of the world - economically, politically, and environmentally.  Are we up for the challenge.?


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