Matthew Charles Weston

I am Matthew Weston, and I am a software engineer. In 2018, I will graduate from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a minor in Electrical Engineering. During my time at Stony Brook, I have been a participant in the University Scholars program, available only to the top 7 percent of incoming freshmen. Thus far, I have become acquaited with Java, Javascript, C, Python, Perl, Visual Basic, MIPS Assembly, and PROLOG.

In my spare time, I'm usually tinkering with a block of code, or hanging out with my dogs, Joyce and Bolt. Joyce and Bolt were originally dogs I had trained for the Guide Dog Foundation - Joyce is retired, and Bolt wasn't accepted into the program. I also enjoy woodworking, a skill I picked up from my father and grandfather.


Here is some of my written work from my technical communications class. Feel free to browse through it in order to get a grasp of my writing abilities.



Created 12/1/17

Conway's game of life, coded from scratch in Javascript in under a day as my first foray into the use of HTML5's Canvas element. This program is embedded below - clicking the colored border switches from simulation mode to drawing mode and vice versa.


Created Fall of 2016

A memory allocator coded in pure C, demonstrating knowledge of the inner workings of garbage collection in higher level languages. Concepts such as coalescing and the explicit free list are utilized.


Created Spring of 2015

A document display software written entirely in MIPS assembly, which uses memory-mapped I/O to display text documents. In addition to possessing search functionality, this program is capable of recognizing and highlighting Java syntax.


If you have any questions about the contents of this website, or wish to hire me, I can be reached through the following means:
Phone: 8-888-888-8888

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