As a curious mind, my hobbies include a wide range of activities, such as traveling, playing video games, playing chess, playing music, going on new adventures, taking food pictures, reading and writing. I am also passionate about technological literacy.


I have played with various orchestras such as Musica Simfonietta, Penang Symphonic Orchestra, Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, Penang Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra, and Stony Brook University Orchestra.

Me playing violin Performing with Penang Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra Group pic with Penang Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra

Going on new adventures

As the tropical girl that I am I dislike the cold. Despite of that, this winter, I decided to go skiing. It was so fun, I went again the next weekend. No regrets taking on a new adventure, eventhough my muscles ached so much the next day.

Trying to pose while actually freezing Going down the slope Riding the ski lift at dusk


Here are some writing samples from the Stony Brook Young Investigators Review and my WRT102 class.

"The Rich are Getting Richer" from SBYIR

"Family and Self-Identity" Textual analysis for WRT102.