My Life

Born and raised in Bangladesh

I come from dhaka city, which is the capital of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a very rich culture with the perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. Although it is a thrid world country, I feel privilaged to say I wasn't deprived of anything a first world country had to offer. Having said that i'm glad I got the opportunity to Study and live in the US .

I feel very privilaged to say that i'm very well travelled. I have had an opportunity to visit varitey of places and cultures in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and the Americas. This helped to be more diversed and worldly.



S.F.X GreenHerald | Sunway University College | Stony Brook University

I completed my middle school and beginning of highschool from S.F.X GreenHerald in Bangladesh. Later I moved to Malaysia for two years to complete my highschool. Afterward I moved here in New York for my undergrad



Grameen Bank | Citibank N.A

I interned for Grameen Bank in summer 2014. The internship was very insightful. the core of the internship was to spend 5 day in a village learning hands on about their microfinance banking. In summer 2015 i interned for CitiBank N.A. This internship was more on the technology side which is related to my major. I was assign to a team where we had to fix single point failure.


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