Self Promo App Wireframe

For my self promo app, i've decided to make it very simple and neat. The center of the homepage will contain a picture of me. Below that will be a simple button to welcome to my homepage, that will most probably have a swiping animation, when its clicked

The second page will show my basic information, including my picutre, contact information, linked in, facebook, twitter, instagram links. Any information I have available on the internet. Below my basic information, there will be a manu bar, that will direct to the further pages.

The 3rd page will be the first link on the menu bar. The page will contain a fairly large picture of the content i'll be writing about and below that will be all the information related to the content. This standard layout will be followed with the other pages on the manu bar too.

App Logo

Above is the app logo I create for the Self Promo. It's a very simple to look that has a silhouette of a girl. Below that is my name signeture and initial. I was unsure what font to pick, so I added both in.

Icon Set

Below is the Icon set for the app:

Dynamic Media - App Menu

Below i've created a dynamic java script app menu using HTML CSS and Java Script with the help of a few online tutorials and basic sample js codes . I've also linked the page below for a quick demo

App Menu