Welcome To My Page

This is page is a platform to showcase my work from ISE 334 - Introduction to Multimedia class. In this course, we are required to make a 3D animation using blender/3D modelling tools. My project will have a scary old painting come to life with a little frightning shock at the end.

For the first part of the course, we are required to do a photoshop manupulation using different layers of images and blending them together to manupulate them seemlessly.

The Manupulated image is shown below.

Self Portrait

Here is the photoshop project
To create this I used the following pictures:

I cropped this image into half, rotated it and created a uniform canvas

For the picture itself I used this picture, traced it, cropped it and set it in place on the canvas. As for the effects, I used the different brush tools to create the desired look and then painted them with different colours.