334 Term Project Proposal
Tony Scarlatos

"The Macabre"

Macabra is a French word, which is the quality of having a grim or ghastly atmosphere, in art. Macabre is also known as the symbol of death. It also symbolizes the dance of death (Dance of Maccabees) Although, it was not present in Greek and Latin theatre work. Some of it can be found in the works of Apuleius and Satyricon. Macabre and supernatural is used frequently as a theme for horror tales and movies. This demonstrates a great combination that can used in the animation, that shows both elements of death and after death. The gothic feel of the theme can surely be used for an effective horror storytelling.

Objective: Use proper video and audio to demonstrate an animation that will effectively give a frightening shock to the audience. The music will start with fading sound effect that will develop to a soft scary melody, then a scream at the very end. For example The video will start with an animated closed door, which will open with a creepy sound and follow steps to an old painting that will slowly come out of the frame and give a frightening effect.

Audience: The audience for this animation has to be 16 and above, preferable high school and college student. It is also suitable for anyone who can tolerate jump scares.

Death and The Danse Macabre -
History of the Macabre -