My Hobbies


One of my favorite things to do or pass time with, is to read. I enjoy reading books a lot, and I read different genres. Reading is fun for me because you only some space and it opens a new adventure for the reader. I actually prefer to read books over watching the movie of the book because majority of the time it's better and detailed. I am open to reading other genres but my favorites are horror, mystery, suspense, and non-fiction. I enjoy thew works of Stephen King, Leo Tolstoy, and Dan Brown.

Watching Movies

I really like watching movies both alone and with friends and family. I'm into the different techniques of film like lighting, screenwriting and different types of shots. I dont have a favorite movie, but I've seen a plethora of great films. I enjoy horror movies a lot but also thriller, action, and comedies too. Throughout college, I usually watch old movies but new as well and a lot of foreign movies too.


Exercising is a good way to get in shape and be healthy. I try to exercise a lot but it's so hard and I get lazy. I try to go atleast once a week by myself or with friends. I try different exercises each time from weights to cardio. Besides going to the gym, I walk, hike with family, swim, and play tennis when I have time.

Author: Nemoy Patel