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Hi, my name is Nicole Szura. I am twenty years old, currently a junior in Stony Brook University. I am majoring in health science. I am interested in working in health care such as healthcare management I a hospital. I would love to help people and be successful in my career. I am a full time student right now and I work at a pharmacy part time. I want to have experience working in medical places so that I can find out what I really want to do as I get older. I also volunteered at Mt. Sinai in the summer. It was a great experience being surrounded by patients while shadowing a pediatrician.

Although I was born in America, my parents came from Poland and I try to keep up with my Polish heritage. I used to go to Poland every year to visit my family and although I go less often now I still try to see my grandparents and family when I can. I love to travel and take pictures of different places and things I have seen. When I graduate I want to travel the world before I settle down and see many new places and experience new cultures.

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