My Family: Birds

I love birds. So it only makes sense that I am surrounded by bird related things.

The birds on the hobbies page are not all the birds I have.

Here are some of the birds I live with!


Picture of Picchan

Picchan is the oldest one here. Picchan is funny, and Picchan can drive too!


Picture of Sammy

Sammy is very nice. He is good at comforting!


Picture of Enna

Enna is the youngest one. Enna is very playful!

More Family Members

Picture of Bird Family

I have more birds. Target Birds, Mocha, Penchan, Amigurumi Bird, PenPen, Taicho, Felt Birds, and ChuChu from the top left!

More Birds!

Picture of Birds on the Desk Wall

I have birds everywhere in my room. These birds decorate my desk and cheer me up while I study!

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Author: Noriko Taira