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At Stony Brook, Im currently striving for a degree in computer science. However, there are other hobbies and interests I wish to pursue or currently pursue whenever I happen to have free time.


Ive been studying the basics of animation in Adobe Flash since high school. I was taught to implement photoshop or illustration as well in some way. Animated cartoons/movies have always caught my eye as a child, and even though I cannot draw well, I practice in anyway I can. Be it creating backgrounds, lighting effects like energy or fire, or even animating stick figures fighting each other, I try to make it smooth and appealing.


By the title you can guess I like to excercise. It should be pointed out though that when I excercise, it mostly consists of running or some type of cardio excerise. My track coach in highschool instilled the need for me to always including running or some type of heart pumping movement in my workouts. I rather have a fit body then just big and bulky

Playing Video Games

This is where my motivation for learning Computer Science comes from. Not only do I love playing games, I wish to make them one day. The journey will/is hard but nothing you want in life thats worth it is easy to gain. Ive been playing games since the first Playstation ranging from Sonic, Mario, Megaman, Street Fighter, Halo, Kingdom Hearts and the list goes on. Bottom line, I love games.