In order to design this webpage I used Adobe Dreamweaver. At first, the thought of creating a website from a simple blank screen overwhelmed me but I quickly caught on. A blank page offered millions of possibilities, giving me the opportunity to make this page my own. As my header I used a picture from last summer when my friends and I went hiking in Canada, and for my sitewide color scheme I chose my two favorite colors, yellow and blue. I definitley plan on developing my own website in the future.






Welcome to my EST 100 Website!

I chose to use my website as a presentation medium for the projects I have completed in EST 100. In only three short weeks, I learned how to use Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver to my advantage to reconstruct old photos or even to build websites from scratch. This current page is dedicated to my web development project in Dreamweaver, and my Photoshop and Flash project can be viewed by clicking on the links found in the navigation bar.








Although this was my favorite project from the three, my first interaction with Dreamweaver was frustrating. When I first began working on the site I tried making all my changes in the remote server, which I later realized was wrong.This was an easy fix after rewatching the lecture, but my greatest difficulty came with design. At one point I was certain I would submit a dismantled website for grading because none of the columns seemed to connect. Finally after playing around with some of the CSS designer tools, my website came together.