Peng Cheng

System Administrator & Front-end Developer


What I am all about.

I am currently pursuing a bachelor in computer science at Stony Brook University, expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2018. Growing up, I've always been heavily involved with computers, mainly computer system and app development.

Besides, I also habor a strong interest in the field of economy. After taking the macroeconomic and microeconomic course(ECO303 && ECO305) in Stony Brook, I participated the CFA Level I test and successfully achieved the certificate.

Please feel free to browse through the page and download anything that is available to learn more about my professional development.

MariaDB 87%
HTML5 90%
JavaSript 80%
Debian && Redhat 77%
Financial Reporting and macroeconomic 95%


Learn more about me!

GuoHe tech.

Being hired as backend developer by GuoHe technology company in 2012. Developing the backend of Android system

SUNY Nano tech

Particiting the research group in 2014 summer and required to use programming skills(C++/STL) to solve the dna recombinant insulin production problem


intern in zillow to work on Front-end development in 2015

Recent Projects

What have I done this semester?

Research on contagious network (CSE487)                   2017-2018

Research on contagious network

Using python3 and networkX library to simulate four different graph models(random regular graphs, Newman watts model, kleinberg's small world model, preferential attachment model), and test the linear threshold and indepedent cascade structrue on them.

Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image

Programmer: Peng Cheng

TA for CSE215                                                                     2017-2018


Assisting student to understand the programming logic, such as recursion and sorting algorithm

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Recitation lecturer: Peng Cheng

PLY Compiler (CSE307)                                                     2017-2018

PLY Compiler

Constructing a simple compiler by using Lex and Yacc in python, which allows user to execute basic compiling program with statement and fucntion

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Programmer: Peng Cheng

Airline reservation system  (CSE305)                              2017-2018

RSPS Airline reservation system

Users are allowed to book flight and make bidding by using our airline system

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Developer: Peng Cheng

Developer: Sal

Developer: Suo

Developer: Ryan

HackNY Project                                                                  2017-2018

HackNY project

Cooperate with students from NYU and columbia to build a clinic reservation web application by using foursqure and twillow API, then customer can use our app to make a reservation directly by sending msg via button click, a schedule form and confired message with be returned as feedback.

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Developer: Peng Cheng

Developer: shelly

Developer: aditya

Developer: rivka

CSE300 Projects

My paper for CSE300 class