Course ID Course Description
CSE 110 Introduction to Computer Science
CSE 114 Computer Science I
CSE 214 Computer Science II
CSE 215 Foundations of Computer Science
CSE 219 Computer Science III
CSE 220 System Fundamentals I
CSE 300 Technical Communications
CSE 303 Introduction to Theory of Computation
CSE 305 Principles of Database Systems
CSE 307 Principles of Programming Languages
CSE 308 Software Engineering
CSE 310 Computer Networks
CSE 312 Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues in Information Systems
CSE 320 System Fundementals II
CSE 331 Computer Security Fundamentals
CSE 332 Introduction to Visualization
CSE 337 Scripting Languages
CSE 356 Cloud Computing
CSE 373 Analysis of Algorithms

Programming Languages

Author: Purav Shah