Leo Yuan

Leo Yuan


Welcome to my site! My name is Leo Yuan, and I'm a Computer Science major currently studying at Stony Brook University! My interests are obviously include Computer Science. I'm into cryptology, game programming, and AI. Outside of CS, I'm also interested in Marine Biology and I love swimming!
I was born October 27th, 1994. Currently, I live in Long Island, NY.

Education and Experience

I went to the local elementary and junior high in Forest Hills, Queens. High school, I went to the Bronx High School of Science and now I'm studying for my bachelors at Stony Brook University!' Of course the internet is also a good source of my information. I would daresay that it's almost as helpful as the actual lectures themselves. I also have a good knowledge of computer hardware. I've worked at a computer repair shop for two summers in which I've repaired the computers of a whole bunch of clients.' I've also developed websites and participated in various different projects at various internships.'

Relevant Courses

CSE 219

CSE 219: Experience in developing (relatively) larger-scale projects that take time and proper planning.

CSE 308

CSE 308: Experience in developing large-scale projects in a team-oriented environment. Familiarized with version control software, along with organizing workloads between group members with varying skillsets.

CSE 220/320

CSE 220/320: System fundamentals. Experience and insight into how a system actually works at the basic level, along with experience in coding in Assembly(MIPS) along with C. (Currently taking 320!)

AMS 210/301/310

Math skillset involving Applied Calculus, Finite Mathematical Structures and Probability & Statistics.

CSE 391

Cloud Computing: Experience in developing a large-scale Cloud Application, keeping in mind and dealing with load, along with scalability. Created an editable wiki website along with a photo-portfolio application in which photographers can share their portfolios.

Future Goals

My future career goal is to become a software engineer! Developing various software applications for various fields. I'm also interested in Marine Biology and I hope to do something that combines the two fields!'



Zombie Crush Saga

Zombie Crush Saga 219

Zombie Crush Saga is a project that I developed in CSE 219. It's a game where you match tiles together, similar to Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga. There's various different levels and power-ups, much like Candy Crush. The difference is, of course, that Zombie Crush has a Plants vs Zombie style theme instead of the candy theme.


Corgiboard 308

A project that I developed in a group environment in CSE 308. It's a platform with similar function to our Blackboard. Functions such as class search, class registration, assignment lookup, and discussion boards were all implemented. This project gave me experience in working in a group environment with my peers and I learned valuable knowledge on organizing workload and making sure that everything comes together despite multiple people all working with their own separate skillsets/styles.

Self Resume Website

A personal professional website for CSE 300. It's actually the site you're currently looking at! It contains my resume and introduces myself, along with my skillsets and various projects that I've done.'



Qinglin Yuan Mobile: 917-886-2676


  • Proficient in Java, C#, C, HTML, SQL, and JSP
  • Currently studying for a Bachelor in Computer Science, expected to graduate May 2016
  • Developed in a team environment on various projects including a course management website similar to Blackboard.


Stony Brook University – Stony brook, NY
Bachelors in Computer Science; Expected Graduation: May 2016
Relevant Courses:
Analysis of Algorithms, Systems-Level Programming, Software Engineering, Topics in CS : Cloud Computing, Computer Network Communications, Java and C programming, ML programming

Notable Projects:
Developing a dynamic course management website that interacts with the Database via JSP and SQL
Developing a game using Java that’s similar to the Candy Crush Saga, except instead with a Plants vs Zombies them

Internship Experience:

Computer Assistant Intern,
- Peter Koo City Council
June 2011 – September 2011

  • Go to person for any issues / problems regarding computers in the office.
  • Backed up and restored important data, and fixed various different issues.

Computer Technician Intern, - Rock Computer LLC
June 2012 – August 2012

  • Troubleshooted various different issues with computers for clients, including both software and hardware problems.
  • Disassembled and reassembled various desktops and laptops, cleaned out viruses, along with system restores and various other work.

Web Developer Intern, - Rock Computer LLC
May 2013 – August 2013

  • Developed simple websites for clients using Dreamweaver.
  • Allowed the company to take in clients for websites during the summer.


Other Experience:

CongressWebTV (Summer 2012)

  • Created a website as volunteer work for a Congressman called CongressWebTV that served as a platform for videos involving the inner workings of Congress, similar to C-Span.

Game Development:

  • Created a game as a side project at the end of high school that involves dodging incoming asteroids for as long as possible, along with power-ups, with two different game modes for mouse and keyboard.
  • Created a game as a semester project that is similar in gameplay to Candy Crush Saga but has a Plants vs Zombies theme.

Memorization App (May 2015 to present):

  • Currently working on a mobile application for Android that uses specific timed intervals to help users in memorization, Such as memorizing the definitions for foreign words, and etc.


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