The original field photo, found in my father's photography album, was badly torn, right down the middle. I used the spot healing brush to cover it up, and I also used the clone stamp tool for the background after removing the telephone wires in the foreground. Lastly, I made the colors a bit brighter and more realistic for today's cameras.

In the black and white photo, I used the spot healing tool to get rid of dust and other small flaws. Then, i recolored the soda bottle as well as my figure. The intensity of the colors is not as realistic as I had originally planned, but the opaqueness that is in the final result gives the picture a Pop Art feeling, which I like.

The photo of the horizon, taken at Virginia Beach, was another from my father's album. Like the filed photo, the old film used in development gave the picture a yellowish hue. I mainly spent time on this recoloring it, giving it blue tones. I used the clone stamp tool to add depth to the clouds and the spot healing tool to touch up dust spots