Website Established

Sparky account website is up and running!

Application Flowline

The application flowline for this project is a site map, outlining the pages and the content on each page.


Each image in the list below is a wireframe for a different page of the website. They provide 4-up views of their designs for phones, tablets, desktops, and larger desktops.

Graphics & Typography

SBCS already has a logo, but that may have created just as many problems for me as it solved. The color of our logo is difficult to work with because it easily recedes into the background. I ended up adding red to the color palette for headings, since it's the only warm color that fits well with our logo - most of the design is black, white, and gray. I've decided to use our signature font family, Ubuntu, which has many different variations available. Some of the images I plan to use still aren't available, so they are just placeholders for now. Since the design choices are the same across all of the layouts, I have only made one mockup. Unfortunately, I think it still looks a little boring. I want to find a way to integrate more pictures into the general design pattern.

Icon Set

I decided to create an icon for each of the main pages in the site. Perhaps they can be used in the navigation bar as active page indicators. Although to be honest, I don't exactly consider my drawing skills to be production worthy.

Dynamic Media

To make the home page more interesting, I've turned the main image into an animated slideshow that covers recent events. In the future, adding controls to this animation would make it more useful and interactive.

Final Layout

The web page representing the final site layout looks very much like the mockups, and can be viewed here.

New Host for this Project

From this point onward, my project is available at

This move was required to support the News section of the site -

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