Rameez Khatri


ISE 334

Tony Scarlatos (anthony.scarlatos@stonybrook.edu)

Term Project Proposal

Title: “Beginning of Life”



Life is a miracle and the best way to illustrate this is to observe it in its most natural form. Scientists have a great understanding of the way life begins and ends but it seems hard to picture this amazing process without observing it yourself. You will be able to get a better understanding and appreciation of this miraculous process by using animation and 3D modeling and with the help of calm and soothing background music, you will get to experience the beginning of life.



There are two main objective:

The growth process of a seed with changing seasons in the background will be illustrated using animation and photo editing. There would be calm and natural music being played in the background to give a soothing effect.



The audience for this project would be high school and undergraduate students who are studying animation, photography and learning biology and botany.



One year in 40 seconds

Time lapse of Sunflower from seed to flower

Time Lapse of Pea Shoot / Root Growth



Seed to Plant: