My Academic Career!

Unfortunately I am a transfer student at Stony Brook University and I have not taken any courses here yet :( . However, I did take an off-site course offered through the School of Social Welfare known as the Academy of Religion and Leadership which was hosted at my church. I am currently enrolled in five classes this fall semester and I intend to finish all of my courses as soon as possible.

Fall 2016 Semester

  1. BUS 348 - Principles of Marketing
  2. CSE/ISE 201 - Intro to Web Design and Programming
  3. EST 201 - Technological Trends in Society
  4. MAT 123 - Intro to Calculus
  5. THR 201 - Intro to Theatre I

I have transferred with 71 credits between my experiences at Suffolk County Community College and New York University, and I am thankful I'm where I'm at today! Somewhere in between all this madness of school, I have some other interests besides trying to be the very best at what I do...

Here I studied...

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Sports Management

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Liberal Arts


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