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loadButton - Variable in class djf.ui.AppGUI
loadData(AppDataComponent, String) - Method in interface djf.components.AppFileComponent
This function must be overridden in the actual component and would read app data from a file in the necessary format.
loadProperties(String) - Method in class djf.AppTemplate
Loads this application's properties file, which has a number of settings for initializing the user interface.
loadProperties(String, String) - Method in class properties_manager.PropertiesManager
This function loads the xmlDataFile in this property manager, first make sure it's a well formed document according to the rules specified in the xmlSchemaFile.
loadXMLDocument(String, String) - Method in class properties_manager.XMLUtilities
This method reads in the xmlFile, validates it against the schemaFile, and if valid, loads it into a WhitespaceFreeXMLDoc and returns it, which helps because that's a much easier format for us to deal with.
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