This wesbite was my first time coding and it was difficult for me to follow along at first. After I learned how to style the website, it was starting to look like a real website and I was quite proud of what I had accomplished. I learned how to use the div tag to create the three columns, the header, nativation and footer. I also learned how to use the hyperlink to provide my e-mail in the footer.


My dreamweaver project is the creation of this website that will serve as a medium for all the projetcs we have done in EST 100. I wanted to create a colorful website in addition to showing my projects and therefore I choose a banner with a picture of flowers. I sized the banner on Photoshop and fit it into the 800 pixel space. I absolutely loved how the banner turned out and used it as inspiration for the rest of my website design.

I choose the pallete based on the color of the banner so the site would look cohesive. The palette was chosen using a site palette creator. I choose green for my font color because I like the spring theme of my website and I thought the green would go well. I also created three columns, a header, a navigation bar and a footer. The navigation bar contains the links to the three projects I worked on in this class. The footer contains the link to contact me if anyone has any questions.


One of the main issues I had while developing the website was trying to get the container around all the components. My container kept shifting as I was working, which I was eventually able to fix. I also had trouble with placement of certain text and pictures. I have an appreciation for web designers after this exercise.