I wanted to restore and add color for the picture of my parents because the clothes my parents wore in this picture was colorful. This pictures was the hardest to work on because it had a lot of damage. It had scratches and watermarks so it was difficult to completely restore. I tried to minize the dust using clone stamp and healing tool. I filled in colors for my father's shirt and my mother's sari. I also fixed some of my mother's shoulder because it was covered in watermark.







I liked this picture because the pose seemed really funny to me. I really liked the clone feaure we learned about so I cloned myself in one of the pictures. I removed the scooter in the background and tried to make a cohesive pillar fence in the back. I also removed the purple coloring the picture had and all the dust I could. This picture was the dustiest out of all my pictures.











I wanted to do something different in this picture so I decided to remove the cabinet in the backgound. I wanted to make the wall look empty but somehow during the process, it ended up looking like a corner where two walls meet. I used the clone stamp to create that wall and I tried to smooth out some the line using the clur tool. I also removed the brush I was holding and the random green object next to me. I tried to recreate the sheets of the mattress using the clone stamp. I also removed the bindi (red mark) on my forehead.