What's a good city without good food?

Beijing Street Food Alley
Restaurant Location Comments and Recommendations
Carmine's (Theater District) Theater District, NYC Family-friendly, affordable prices, and close enough for you to catch a Broadway show before or after you eat. Recommended dishes: Chicken Parmigiana, Tiramisu
Street Food All around Beijing It's not a restaurant, but I've always held a firm belief that to understand food culture, you need to hit the streets. Try a bit of everything!
Old Ebbitt Grill Washington, D.C. Top Zagat-rated all-american grill and bar located in out nation's capital. Recommendations: All the burgers!
Breizh Café Paris, France A French restaurant with touches of Japanese influence, at prices that won't break your budget. Recommendation: crepes!
Hereford Road London, UK England may not be well-know for "great cuisine", but it has its fair share of great restaurants, and if you are looking for authentic British food, then Hereford Road is the way to go! (No pun intended!)s

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