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TAAdderUR - Class in tam.jtps
TAAdderUR(TAManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.jtps.TAAdderUR
TAController - Class in tam.workspace
This class provides responses to all workspace interactions, meaning interactions with the application controls not including the file toolbar.
TAController(TAManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.workspace.TAController
Constructor, note that the app must already be constructed.
TAData - Class in
This is the data component for TAManagerApp.
TAData(TAManagerApp) - Constructor for class
This constructor will setup the required data structures for use, but will have to wait on the office hours grid, since it receives the StringProperty objects from the Workspace.
TAdeletUR - Class in tam.jtps
TAdeletUR(TAManagerApp, String) - Constructor for class tam.jtps.TAdeletUR
TAFiles - Class in tam.file
This class serves as the file component for the TA manager app.
TAFiles(TAManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.file.TAFiles
TAhourschangeUR - Class in tam.jtps
TAhourschangeUR(TAManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.jtps.TAhourschangeUR
tam - package tam - package
tam.file - package tam.file
tam.jtps - package tam.jtps - package
tam.workspace - package tam.workspace
TAManagerApp - Class in tam
This class serves as the application class for our TA Manager App program.
TAManagerApp() - Constructor for class tam.TAManagerApp
TAManagerProp - Enum in tam
This enum provides a list of all the user interface text that needs to be loaded from the XML properties file.
TAReplaceUR - Class in tam.jtps
TAReplaceUR(TAManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.jtps.TAReplaceUR
TAStyle - Class in
This class manages all CSS style for this application.
TAStyle(AppTemplate) - Constructor for class
This constructor initializes all style for the application.
TAtoggleUR - Class in tam.jtps
TAtoggleUR(String, String, TAData) - Constructor for class tam.jtps.TAtoggleUR
TAWorkspace - Class in tam.workspace
This class serves as the workspace component for the TA Manager application.
TAWorkspace(TAManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.workspace.TAWorkspace
The contstructor initializes the user interface, except for the full office hours grid, since it doesn't yet know what the hours will be until a file is loaded or a new one is created.
TeachingAssistant<E extends java.lang.Comparable<E>> - Class in
This class represents a Teaching Assistant for the table of TAs.
TeachingAssistant(String, String) - Constructor for class
Constructor initializes both the TA name and email.
TimeSlot - Class in tam.file
This class stores infor for a single TA-Day/Time mapping for our office hours grid.
TimeSlot(String, String, String) - Constructor for class tam.file.TimeSlot
toggleTAOfficeHours(String, String) - Method in class
This function toggles the taName in the cell represented by cellKey.
toString() - Method in class
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