CSE 102 Homework #1

By Sudhin Domala

Hi, My name is Sudhin Bhargava Domala. I am a sophmore at Stony Brook university and intend to major in Informaiton Systems and maybe a double major with AMS.

I was born in India and moved to the United States when I was in 2nd Grade. I have stayed in California until high school where I applied to be in this university with a Pre-Biomedical Engineering interest however it was to a bore and I intend to switch to pursue the tech field.

I have a great and loving family back in California and many relatives near our hometown.

I am in the far right in the picture with all of my friends and I eating chocolate...

Picture of me and some friends

Here is a link to my past and current courses I am taking in Stony Brook University:

Past/Current Courses

Here is a link to my interests and hobbies I have participated or intend to in the future:


Here is a link to the nerdy side of me featuring my top 10 animes as of now:

My Top 10 Animes

Author: Sudhin Domala