Interests and Pastimes

  1. Reading

    Reading is a precious hobby for me that I have maintained since elementary school. I try to read as much as possible even though I am often limited by my capacity of school work. I try to harass my friends into giving up their best books so that I can absorb as many examples of literature from fantasy to mystery. Below are some of the books I've read recently

  2. Television and Gaming

    I tend to spend much of my time on the computer so naturally I tend to also watch many TV shows and play some games on some downtime. Some shows I watch are:

  3. Instrumental

    I am also an avid guitaris and I love to play jazz, rock, and country guitar. I find it relaxing to unwind after a long week, with a jam session surrounded by friends and family. I also play the traditional Indian instrument the Tabla.

Author: Sricharan Gumudavelli