The Revival of Simon, the Basketball Player

Game Design Document

by Shi Jiang


This document describes the game The Revival of Simon, the Basketball Player. This game involves 2D side-scrolling, sprite-based animation, render threading etc.


The Revival of Simon, the Basketball Player will be developed for the Windows Platform using the BOX2D, which is developed by Erin Catto. DirectX will be used as the underlying rendering technology. Artwork will be provided by the game developer.


Right after finishing pizzas, noodles, chicken wings and rice, Simon went to play basketball. While he was playing, he never knew his body would be changed forever after today. He was in great pain when he was home. And then, he found out he had appendicitis. He had the surgery in the night; he lost his appendix.


Since Simon stayed home for three weeks, his task is to practice his basketball skills so that he can play as well as before. However, he also needs overcome pizzas, noodles, and chicken wings etc. to become a real basketball player again. Therefore, instead of basketball, he has to throw food, which will be made after collecting the right materials, into the rim to make a goal.


Simon is able to run left and right, and jump up to avoid collecting wrong materials.

There will be basketball stand with different height on his road to becoming a real player. Simon needs to make goal in order to continue this game. To pass a level, he has to have enough scores. Since each kind of food has its own weight, he needs to make the best one, and ingredients will come from behind a stand into him once a stand appears. Since the inventory only holds three items, when Simon has three wrong ingredients, it will deduce scores.


This game will be played using a keyboard. Once started, use the following:


As far as the GUI is concerned, if we consider

Once a stand appears, there will be ingredients (AI) coming from behind it. They will be the top layer over all sprites so that the user has better view of what to avoid.


All artwork in the game will be original. The following needs to be created:

Screen Shots