Earth and Planetary Materials & Isotope Geochemistry
Impact Cratering
My research interests are primarily in combining high-resolution mineral characterization (mineral-scale spectroscopy) with  isotope geochemistry and geochronology (40Ar/39Ar and U-Pb systems).

Working in the Vibrational Spectroscopy Laboratory at Stony Brook University (P.I. Dr. Timothy Glotch) I have been characterizing shock metamorphism in feldspars using micro-Raman and micro-FTIR spectroscopy. We are attempting to recognize and quantify shock presses with these relatively new techniques.

I am also interested in timing of meteorite impact events, particularly whether or not impacts reset the K-Ar system. Results from the Manicouagan Impact Crater, Canada seem to suggest that shock events do not reset the system. This work is advised by Dr. Troy Rasbury and Dr. Sidney Hemming (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory).

My primary areas of interest is in meteorite impact craters on the Earth (Gardnos, Norway; Manicouagan, Canada; Lonar, India).

Isotope and Trace Element Geochemistry
I also work in the Facility for Isotope Research and Student Training (FIRST) with Dr. Troy Rasbury. My interest here is mostly on U-Pb studies of zircons from Cambrian sedimentary rocks in NY, and Nd isotope geochemistry of ashes in the Newark Basin.

Lastly, I am working on technique development for measuring Platinum Group Element anomalies (e.g., Iridium) associated with impact ejecta in sedimentary basins.


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