My Interests

Hobbies and Interests

I have been dancing with a fusion bollywood dance academy called, Nataraj Dance Studio, since I was 3 years old. Each dance style that I learned was over a 6 month span with a graduation which depended on the the trophy that was brought home at the end of each competition. I had a competition every month. I have learned contemporary, classical, fusion, folk, bollywood, along with many other sub-styles of these Indian dances. The constant workout and release of energy in dance class drove me to excel in my childhood. The high of performing with my team on stage was extraordinary. It was something that I would kill to return to. Dance is an art style that I enjoy portraying to the world. I graduated from my dance school in April 2014. I had started teaching and choreographing dance styles as well. I recieved a diploma in April and taught dance till the end of my freshman year in college. I miss competing with my dance team, standing on stage, choreographing, and teaching dance to the younger teams, but I still dance with my friends at home from time to time. I watch many Indian dance shows to learn more and keep in touch with a huge part of my life. Dance is very close to my heart and I will always love it.


One of my favorite interests is art. I like anything that can be considered an art, for example, coooking. I love to cook and try to cook new dishes. I cook everyday and love to feed people. I learn from the feedback that I get and it will always be an adventure for me. Another thing I love to do is to go to Micheals, buy something new, and make an art project out of it. I then proceed to display those art projects up in my room. I always tried to take an art class in high school. I have taken three photo and photoshop classes, a sculptures class, and a jewelry class. Art always seems to calm my mind from the stress that I have from school, friends, and family.

I love to travel. Although I have not traveled to many different places. I have traveled to quite a few places and I revisit them often. I always try to see everything in one location before starting to explore a next. I have been to many states across the United States as well as a few countries internationally. I have a scrapbook with a postcard of each place that I have been to. The number of postcards per location indcates how many times I have visited that location. I am constantly buying new scrapbooks to keep all the postcards in order. I travel atleast 2 to 3 times a year.