Draziw's Epic Journey
Game Design Document

by Steven Lasso, Robert Egan, and Nick Piazza
A.K.A. The Triple Triceps.


This document describes a game called “Draziw's Epic Journey”, which is designed to be a simple 2D top down and strategy game. This game will incorporate sprite animations, physics, collision detection, AI, side scrolling, efficient memory management, render threading, and more basic 2D game techniques.


Draziw's Epic Journey will be developed for the Windows Platform using Visual Studio, Box 2D, and Lua. It will also incorporate the DirectX library for rendering. Artwork will be designed in Adobe Photoshop and MS Paint.

Back Story

Draziw has been fast asleep; little does he know he has been tainted with the charm of an evil wizard named . He awakens (or so he thinks) in a dream world called Yiopnik. Draziw has no idea that this is the same evil that killed a great wizard that was his father a few years back. He looks around for some clue to where he is, how he got there. He has no idea what is going on and so his journey begins.


Draziw’s task is to defeat evil wizard and dispel the evil charm that entangles him. In order for him to do this, he will have the help of his father’s old staff which he finds at the start of his journey. This staff uses the power of the elements such as earth, water, fire, and air. With the power of the elements and the staff, Draziw will face many tasks and fearless enemies ahead of him in this puzzle/strategy top down fantasy.


The game will work like a top down with Draziw able to move up, down, left or right. Draziw will start with an orbless staff and he will only be able to wack enemies at first. Orbs will be around the levels and accessible to Wizard. Once he picks up an orb, he will be able to cast spells of that element. As the game progress, Draziw will gain experience and gain access to more advanced spells. There will also be AI that can hurt Draziw. He will have to avoid/kill the enemies he finds. There will also be small puzzles to solve using specific orbs and bosses will only be able to be killed with specific orbs. You will have two lives and 3 bars of health, each hit will do 1 bar of damage.

Level Guide:
Level 1: Water Gun (Water Orb) – Will put out basic fires and kill fire bats.
Level 2: Fireball (Fire Orb) – Will set certain things on fire. i.e. burn down a tree.
Level 3: Air Walk (Air Orb) – Allows Wizard to walk on impassable tiles.
Level 4: Iron Staff (Earth Orb) – Allows Wizard to break otherwise indestructible rocks
…and more stuff like fire lantern, mass rain, rock lifting…


The game will be played using the mouse and keyboard with the follow keys:

W – Move Up
A – Move Left
S – Move Down
D – Move Right

Arrow Up – Move Viewport Up
Arrow Down – Move Viewport Down
Arrow Left – Move Viewport Left
Arrow Right – Move Viewport Right

M – Minimap
ESC – Pause Menu That will allow the player to unpause, or quit the game.
Num 1-5 – Select spell for current elemental orb

Left Click – Cast current spell at clicked position (out of range possible)

Graphical User Interface

The GUI will contain all the necessary things for gameplay.


Draziw - Draziw will have animations for the following actions with each different colored orb.

Spell Animations - Each spell will have it's own aimation.
AI Animations - Will be added and constructed as we progress.

Sound Effects

All sound effects will be original. Sounds must be made to coincide with each of the following events:


Different music track per level. Bosses will have unique music too.