Surface Tension 2

The magic of water

Fun with paper clips


How many paper clips can you fit in a FULL glass of water?


A glass (with a normal rim...i.e. with no pour spout)
Small paper clips


  1. Fill a glass with water. I mean the point where it looks like you couldn't get another drop in.
  2. Carefully and slowly, begin dropping paper clips into the at a time.
  3. Keep count of how many paper clips you are able to fit into the glass before the water spills over.


How many paper clips were you able to fit into the glass?
Were you surprised? Why or why not?
Draw what the water looked like at the top of the glass. Draw a side view and a top view.
Why didn't the paper clips "break" the surface of the water as you slid the paper clip in?

For more information you can read up on the topic.