Gravity & Inertia

Welcome to Mr. Roderick's page on Gravity and Inertia. You are going to learn about gravity and Inertia by playing a fun (I think) game. Be sure to follow the steps in order to have the best experience possible.

Step 1. Look up the definitions to the following words so you will be able to put things into perspective.



Step 2. Play The Game

            Be sure to play the game at each gravity level. First play at the moon level, then Earth, then Jupiter. 

Step 3. Explain

    On a separate sheet of paper (or using a word processor) write about how the different gravities affected your ability to land the ship. Here are some specific issues to keep in mind.

  1. How much thrust did you have to use to move your ship?
  2. Why didn't your ship stop after you released the space bar (thruster)?
  3. Why is the gravity for each planetary body different?
  4. If you crashed (and you know you least I did), why?