Hobbies and Interests

I love reading and critiquing books. Whenever I had time, I would walk to a nearby bookstore and read a book for a few hours. My favorite kind of books was YA fiction before the oversaturation and predicatble plot lines. *cough* thanks Hunger Games *cough* However, I do love looking at books that many people consider "groundbreaking" or "inspiring" and smash it with Snapchat. The most recent book that I destroyed was Eat Pray Love, which I hated for its trivial look at poverty in other countries.

I have always been a fan of games but could not really get into the gaming community until recently. I loved going into Newgrounds and playing new flash games but never really looked at console or pc gaming. That changed until I bought Minecraft to play with friends 3 years ago. I began looking at other games and downloaded Steam last year. I mainly play Minecraft and CS:GO because I only have access to a Mac laptop during the semester.

Me surrounded by my irl friends

This is me surrounded by my friends

I killed my friend in CS:GO

And this is me managing to kill my friend and getting an MVP star ^^""

Another interests that I have are 35mm photography and building things. I used to develop my own film and photographs in a darkroom. I also used to be in a robotics club in my high school.