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Society of Women Engineers Members at Bingo for Breast Cancer (11/01/2017)

My name is Sammi Wu Leung, and I am a Computer Science student at Stony Brook Unversity graduating in May 2020. I have been learning computer science since my sophomore year at high school.

In addition to pursuing my degree, I am also part of the Society of Women Engineers serving as a member of their events committee. There, I help the main executive board members plan out and execute professional and social events throughout the semesters.

On the more personal side, I enjoy cooking food for my friends and family in my free time. I am more than happy to share baked goods I have made with anyone who asks. I like to believe that to get to anyone's heart is through their stomach!


Programming Languages

Natural Languages



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Trump Jump

A platform jumping game made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Play it here! (works best on Chrome & Safari)

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Fencing Statistics

A statistics web application aimed at replacing PSAL's website that is made with Python, HTML, and CSS

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Parent Teacher Conflict

A parent teacher conference scheduling web application to help relieve the stress that is made with Python, HTML, and CSS

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Email me at sammiwuleung@gmail.com