Stony Brook University 2014 - PRESENT

Ph.D in Physics
Advisor: Krishna Kumar

Shanghai Jiaotong University2010 - 2014

Bachelor of Science in Physics
Advisor: Karl Giboni

Research Experience

Beamline Data Analysis for PREX-II 2016 - PRESENT

Graduate Research Assistant

The Lead Radius Experiment(PREX) measures the parity violating asymmetry for 1 GeV polarized electrons scattering from 208 Pb. This measurement provides a model-independent probe of neutron density in nucleus 208 Pb. The result also constrains the equation of state of neutron matter, which has important implications for astrophysics.

The motivation of beamline analysis is to understand the noise level of beam monitors in present experimental setting. The goal is to carefully control the noise level to be dominated by counting statistics and provide sufficient beam quality for high precision parity violating experiments at ∼ 100 ppb level.

C200 Project for Super Bigbite Spectrometer 2016 - PRESENT

Graduate Research Assistant

C200 is a R&D experiment for the full scale electromagnetic calorimeter design in the GEp experiment. C200 detector was designed to support ∼ 200 blocks of lead-glass calorimeter and was constructed at Stony Brook University. The goal of C200 was to establish a desired temperature gradient along lead-glass blocks to cure high does radiation damages and maintain photon transparency and energy resolution when the experiment is running.

R&D of a Liquid Xenon Detector for Dark Matter 2012 - 2014

Undergraduate Research Project
A single-phase liquid xenon detector constructed at SJTU.

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