Welcome to my Virtual Home

Home indeed, it is. Growing up in the digital age, where each individual person has multiple personas, is the pinnacle of our technological achievement. As a member of this generation, I cannot but be actively involved in the shaping of, interacting with, and be part of the information generation. That is why, I am majoring in Information Systems and specialized in Software Development. Through the internet, information is diffused, transmitted from all parts of the globe. The planet itself is mega village where networks of computer systems reduced enormously the distance between any two points.

The rate of change in information technology is so fast that one would assume it always has been like that. Well, as much as I have been part of this mega village, I am from a real village in West Africa where we didn’t have access to electricity so therefore, completely disconnected from the mega village. I Grew up when this mega village was at its infancy. I remember, my mom and I would travel for about 50 km in order to receive phone call from my father who was in the U.S.

Soon after GSM technologies were spreading like wild fire across the continent. So now, we can receive call from home. The challenge of recharging the cellphone batteries remain. Soon, people starting to create charging stations. Again, that was not to last for people started using solar panels for lighting and recharging the cells.

Mobile internet started to come through although very inconvenient. However, Internet Cafés in the cities were main avenue through the majority of the people accessed internet. I on the other was still in the village where Internet Cafés were miles away. Thus, the only time I could use a browser was in the three month summer vacation when I go to the capital.

Not every child would go to Internet Cafés but I was a curious one. I wanted to know how this technology worked. So I went on first using yahoo mail, then yahoo messenger and soon after msn messenger. As one can notice, I primarily used the internet for exchanging email and chats with my cousins living in France and other Capitals in West Africa. I moved on, including in my computer skills, the use of Microsoft word and power point. These latest skills would come in handy when I moved to the capital to continue with school. There we used have to do presentation in school. Microsoft Encarta was the primary source of information soon to be replaced by Wikipedia at which point the mega village is fully-grown.

The nature of the web fully change from then on. it is not only place where we communicate or look for information, it became a place of sharing where each have a virtual home with the advance of Youtube, MySpace, Facebook, Twiter, and many more. That is when I moved to the U.S.

My passion for technology led me to choose a branch that enables me to be an active member where I can, not only used the tools available, but also, be part of the makers, inventors, and creators of new tools through programming, software development and Web development.