EST 570
Design of Computer Courseware

"Good teaching is not just writing engaging lesson plans; it's thinking deeply about what we are doing and looking for ways to do it better."

Joan Cone, English Teacher,
El Cerrito High School, West Contra Costa Unified School District

Course Description
In this course the student will learn to develop computer courseware packages in the student's discipline. Existing courseware modules will be evaluated and used to illustrate the structure and requirements of such modules. Each student will select topics for courseware development from her/his discipline, and will concentrate on module development under the individual guidance of the instructor. Students will implement their courseware on their home systems. The university and teacher center are resources for all students. You are welcome to come on campus at any time. State-of-the-art multimedia resources are available for your use and exploration. Please make an appointment to use the teacher center's resources.

The term "courseware" which appears in the title of this course may be a new term for some students. We will use the word "courseware" to describe any instructional activity where computer-based technology plays a key role in the delivery of the instruction. Courseware is a comprehensive curriculum package. Hence, the focus of this course may be restated as an effort to get you to understand general instructional and computer-specific design considerations for development of effective courseware. The specification of learning outcomes will be provided by the New York State Learning Standards Documents for MST and other disciplinary areas.

The semester discussions and demonstrations will include a selection of packages that are presently used in educational settings. Students are encouraged to demonstrate software they are presently using in their classrooms. Each class meeting will include a hands-on as well as a discussion segment. This time will be used to expose students to illustrative examples of different types of courseware packages. Students will be able to share their mini-projects as well as their term projects.

Course Prerequisite
EST565 or extensive computer experience within complex educational environments and permission of the instructor.

Course Objectives
This course is designed to help students achieve:
an understanding of different models used by educators to design  instructional programs (different instructional strategies may have their roots in different instructional theories).  an understanding of design considerations for the development of effective computer-based learning activities and the ability to develop computer-based learning activities in your discipline. an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of various authoring tools, and the most effective use of these tools.

If you have a physical, psychiatric, medical or learning disability that may impact on your ability to carry out assigned course work, I would urge you to contact the staff in the Disabled Student Services office (DSS), Room 122 Humanities, 632-6748/TDD. DSS will review your concerns and determine, with you, what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation of a disability is confidential.

"How can any teacher not be inspired to develop new and exciting ways to bring learning to life for her students through new technologies that provide tools for learning and connect the classroom with a whole world of knowledge?"
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