Summer 2001
Multimedia Classroom Applications
Outline Sessions 1-5

Session 1
Introduction to Multimedia
Mixed Media- Fredrick Froebel Visionary

  1. Mixed Media - Presentation - Fredrick Froebel Visionary B. Introductions--instructor, course, program, and participants, IRIS, Nicenet 
Nicenet Commack K34Z82C88
Nicenet Smithtown E34Z83T34
C. Online strorage accounts.
D. CD ROM  ToolKit
E. Tangram Exercise
F. Read To be Literate, Multimedia Definition and Introduction to Multimedia handouts. PDF Document
G. Multimedia--effects and benefits in education.
1. Read:
Yale Web Style Guide Using and Designing Text,
pgs 58-73
2. Research visionary for mid term project.

Session 2
The Power of  Text

A.Before we get started please read  Read The Power of Text PDF Document
B. Explore rich multimedia websites.
C. Read National Geographic
The Power or Writing on CD ROM ToolKit or read it on-line at:
D. Assignment 2: Create a "low end" multimedia presentation. The presentation will feature our  multimedia  definition and use only video.
E. Follow-up visit web resources.  These resources provide information about the effective use of text, content sources, text tools and  thoughts about the future of text and the printed word.
1.Research visionary for mid term project.
2.Yale Web Style Guide Using and Designing Graphics, pgs 93-125 and Visual Design 1 and 2 pgs 136 - 148.

Session 3
The Power of Graphics
Richard Saul Wurman--Visionary
Charles Eames--Visionary and
Create, find and manipulate graphics (PhotoShop, Microsoft Paint, ScreenGrab, ImageConverter, microtech scanner) Pre- Guttenberg literacy.
A. Follow up to session 2:
Before we get started please explore resources about presentation technology.
B. Planning presentations: Inspiration tutorial.
C. Explore visual explanations by Richard Saul Wurman on CD ROM Toolkit.
D. Mixed Media - View video Charles Eames, Visionary and the Power of Graphics-Making the complexity of the world understandable by exploring patterns and structure.
Eames web sites:
1. Research visionary for mid term project.

Session 4
Graphic Manipulation

A. Before we get started explore these resources:
Explore web resources--Graphics

B. Assignment 3a: Photoshop tutorial "Melon Head".
1. Research visionary for mid term project.
2. Collect resources for multimedia theme final project.

Session 5
Graphic Collections

A. Explore Graphic Web Sources.
Read How to Choose and Use Clip Art and An Image Path
B. Assignment 3b : Collect web images and organize in PowerPoint or similar program.
1.Research visionary for mid term project
2. Review Multiple Intelligence Theory - Howard Gardner
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